About Foodful

Who We Are

We are Foodful. Our aim is to highlight local produce and local producers through our business directory, our blog and our online shop. We want to do our best to help promote local food and drink producers based in either the Scottish Borders or Northumberland

Our mission is to bring real, locally grown and/or produced food back to its rightful place in our pantries & fridges. Of course, shopping around local markets and shops can sometimes be inconvenient when you are working full time which is why Foodful is a 24/7 one-stop-shop with delivery to your doorstep. We want to make shopping locally convenient for everyone.

We believe there’s never been a better time to embrace local food & drink. We want to showcase what we have available locally and to make food & drink a centre point of our community again.

Our Story

Foodful began in 2017 as an idea to highlight local food and drink in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. As we are based in Berwick upon Tweed, a town right on the border between England and Scotland, it was natural to include both neighbouring counties. Our journey has led us to discover the vast amount of local producers and farmers we have right on our doorstep which is shown on the business directory.

In 2018, the website was created and we began to fill up the business directory accompanied by a blog which features local producers, their products as well as engaging and informative articles on food, drink and health topics.

Over the past 18 months, we have visited, chatted and emailed our way over Northumberland and the Scottish Borders, hearing people’s stories, tasting their products and sharing our Foodful vision.

Now in 2021, we have launched our online shop as well as a new store promoting & selling local food & drink from all over Northumberland & the Scottish Borders. In store, we can offer tasters of local food & drink as well as chat about local producers & produce and host events.


Who is Foodful for?

  • Local producers – Foodful will prove as an excellent marketing tool for local food & drink producers in the Scottish Borders and Northumberland.
  • Local residents – if you are a local Scottish Borders or Northumberland resident, Foodful will be an excellent resource for finding local producers you didn’t know existed.
  • Visitors – if you are visiting the Scottish Borders or Northumberland for a spell, Foodful will help guide you on how best to experience the food & drink culture of each county and give you some ideas for which souvenirs to take home!
  • Businesses – Foodful will act as an ideal companion for business owners in hospitality or food & drink retail. With all Scottish Borders and Northumberland based local producers under one roof, you won’t need to search long to find your next supplier!

The Future

Foodful is a project that looks to the future. We have a vision of people’s shopping habits changing, with a more reflective look on food and drink. Not only in terms of animal welfare, but reducing food miles, valuing the taste of fresher food and supporting the local community.

This goes beyond food trends. We see this as a 21st century food standard.

How would you like to see the Foodful project develop? We would love to hear what you think – you can leave feedback on what you would like to see happen next by using the ‘Feedback’ link in the page footer.

So, if you are a local producer, we encourage you to get in touch to supply more information and photography for your listing. Similarly, if your business isn’t currently listed or if you would like your listing to be removed please contact us by emailing; poppy@foodful.co.uk.