7 Drinks for Summer from around the Borders

Published on 29 May
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With summer on the horizon, we’ve selected some drinks made by producers around the Scottish Borders and Northumberland to refresh you through the warmer months. Whether you’re cutting back on the booze or looking for the ultimate session ale, we are sure you’ll be tasting the sun no matter what the weather brings.

Refresh With Tea

Drink tea hot or cold to relax and refresh during the summer months. Science has proven that drinking hot drinks, such as tea, can cool you down quicker[1].


For something cool try No 3. Oolong by Left Field Kombucha which is more floral based and is a fantastic non-alcoholic alternative to prosecco.

The 4 varieties by Left Field: yunnan black, sencha green, oolong and darjeeling
The Blue One: try the floral Oolong kombucha by Left Field for a sophisticated beverage during the summer.

For something more traditional, a pot of Northumberland Tea will see you right.

A cup of tea in china cup
A classic cuppa can be just as refreshing in the sunshine!

Quench Thirst With Juice

Juice is a popular drink during the summer months. Whether you’re a fizzy or flat fan, there’s something for you from around the borders.


The Fruit Kitchen

Lemon Cordial by The Fruit Kitchen is a zingy, refreshing cordial to be mixed with water or can be added to cocktails. There are many other flavours available as well as alcoholic liqueurs.

Laprig Valley

Try locally pressed apple juice from Laprig Valley. We recommend Jonagold to feel the shine out of the bottle. The Jonagold variety is great for juicing as it highlights its natural sweetness and is a refreshing variety to enjoy in the sun.

Laprig Valley apple juice varieties
Juice-t Perfect: Laprig Valley apple juice.

Marlish Water

The summer months are when we are repeatedly told to drink up plenty of water. Hydrate with Marlish Water which is filtered through the rugged hills in Northumberland. There are still, sparkling and fruit-flavoured varieties.

Glasses of water with various fruits
Hydrate with Marlish Water


Fentiman’s, based in Hexham, is a national favourite in pubs, restaurants and in the home. With traditional drinks ranging from Ginger Beer to Dandelion & Burdock, there’s a fizzy flavour for everyone.

Session in the Sun

Beer is one of the top summer drinks out there at the moment. Many local breweries offer a lighter session beer with fruity flavours which are perfect for enjoying in the sun at the pub or at home.


Tempest Brewing Company

Tempest Brewing Co are widely known for their seasonal beers. Dios Mio! was so popular last year, it’s available again this year and is perfect for BBQs. The beer is full of spicy but fruity flavours such as chilli and lime juice. Will leave a warm feeling regardless of the weather.

Tempest Brewing Co mango berliner beer
A favourite beer last summer by Tempest Brew Co was Mango Berliner.

Other new beers for the summer by Tempest Brewing Co include:

Green Palms

A collaboration beer with Nova Runda. An extra pale ale with herby notes and stone fruit flavours.

Drop Kick 0.5%

A lower alcohol alternative and based on the sour beer Drop Kick Me, Jesus. High in acidity with tropical and citrus fruit flavours.

Prospero & Sycorax

A collaboration with Dead End Brew Machine. A very fruity beer but not too sweet. A great all-rounder for summer occasions.

Born in the Borders

Also in the Scottish Borders is Born in the Borders, primarily a visitor centre with an on-site gin distillery and brewery. For a summery feel, try Elderflower Ale made with locally foraged elderflower to enjoy the scents and tastes of summer in the countryside.

Elderflower in a basket
An ale filled with summery notes of locally foraged elderflower.

Cheviot Brewery

Cheviot Brewery has had a run of successful new beer launches recently including Trig Point, 4.5%. A citrus-focused session IPA with notes of tropical fruits of lime and papaya will soon to be available in bottles but also around in local pubs including The Curfew in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Artwork for ale
New Ale Trig Point by Cheviot Brewery has already received rave reviews, was just launched at the start of May.

Hetton Law Brewery

Hetton Law Brewery brews traditional-style ales. The Hetton Hornet, 3.9%, a golden ale, is a great choice for the summer and packed with a fruity sting. The initial sweetness of the ale is tempered with a bitter finish.

Bee next to a flower
Watch out for the sting of the Hetton Hornet!

Muckle Brewing

Muckle Brewing‘s Muckle Tickle, inspired by the surrounding lush meadows in the summertime, is a light bitter and a great alternative if you want a classic beer with no fuss.

Muckle Brewing ales
Some of Muckle Brewing’s ales including Muckle Tickle, 2nd from left.

Spirit in the Sky

There are some fantastic spirits producers across Northumberland and the Scottish Borders specialising in whisky, vodka and gin.

Hepple Gin

Create a classic, crisp gin twist with Hepple Gin, a zingy tonic and garnish with lemon peel.

Gin Twist with Hepple Gin
Unwind after a busy day with a Hepple Gin Twist in the summer sun

Lilliard Gin

Lilliard Ruby Gin Liqueur is made on the Born in the Borders complex and is full of Scottish berry flavours. Enjoy in cocktails or top up a 25ml shot with prosecco for berry-flavoured bubbles.

Lilliard Ruby Gin Liqueur in a basket of fruit
Bursting with summer berry flavours, try some Lilliard Ruby Gin Liqueur

The Borders Distillery

The whisky distillery in Hawick is also making a name for itself with its own gin, William Kerr Gin, and small-batch vodka. Enjoy coastal tastes and smells and create a Sea Breeze cocktail with the Small-Batch Vodka. Just 3/4 fill a glass with ice and mix 50ml vodka, 100ml cranberry juice and 50ml grapefruit juice. Garnish with lime wedges.

Small batch vodka by The Borders Distillery
Small-batch vodka – perfect with mixers or on its own over ice.


DeliQuescent is a micro-batch spirit producer based within Rutherford’s Micropub. Recently, Simon & Debbie Rutherford, the owners of both the spirit company and micropub, have launched a new cocktail menu for the summer alongside tapas platters offering some local produce and which caters for all diets including gluten-free options and a vegan platter.

Meat platter
Meat & cheese platter from Rutherford’s Micropub
Vegan platter
Vegan platter available from Rutherford’s Micropub

The new cocktail range uses Debbie’s own DeliQuescent range of flavours, and she promises us they have been thoroughly ‘tested’. Cocktails include the vibrant Porn Star Martini XXX which contains Vanilla Pod Vodka and Passionfruit Gin!

Cocktail outside
Cocktails in the sun using DeliQuescent spirits at Rutherford’s micropub in Kelso.

Hit Refresh

Enjoy some summer-inspired drinks around Northumberland and the Scottish Borders this summer. Drink up and tell us your favourite way to refresh! Share your snaps with us.

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