5 Producers to try around Amble

Published on 6 Feb
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Amble, known as the friendliest port in England since the 1930s, hosts a vast array of wonderful local producers. Developments in the town, along the main street Queen Street and the Harbour Village which opened in 2015, have placed this town as a must-visit attraction in Northumberland.

Amble is near sites of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Nearby island Coquet Island, a site of Special Scientific Interest, is also a fantastic chance to catch glimpses of puffin colonies and seals.

Local Producers to Pleasure Your Palate

Mocha Mondo

The Mocha Mondo pod at Amble Harbour Village
The Mocha Mondo pod at Amble Harbour Village

Mocha Mondo started life at Alnmouth train station in 2010 but moved to the Amble Harbour Village to grow their enterprising business. The coffee pod also serves handmade chocolate, made from bean-to-bar. This means Mocha Mondo has full control over how their products are made.

Mocha Mondo‘s coffee is available to buy from their harbour pod but they also provide a mail order service on their website. Also worth trying is their Coffee Cherry Tea which we’ve mentioned in a previous article.

If you’re a budding coffee connoisseur, Mocha Mondo offers a coffee roasting course to give you an insight into this labour of love.

Spurreli’s Ice Cream Boutique

The award-winning ice cream boutique in Amble has been open since 2010 and is one of the most popular eateries to visit for tourists and locals alike. Flavours such as Sicilian Pistachio and Madagascan Vanilla are on offer as well as a selection of Sundaes and sorbets, and more recently the addition of vegan ice cream.

Enjoy delicious gelato any time of the year from Spurreli's ice cream boutique
Enjoy delicious gelato any time of the year from Spurreli’s ice cream boutique

Spurreli’s ice cream boutique also serves light lunches, coffee and cakes.

Northumberland Seafood Centre

The Northumberland Seafood Centre, the first of its kind in Northumberland, is inspired by the fishing heritage of the county. The centre offers a variety of locally caught fish ranging from shellfish to salmon and lemon sole. In a bid to boost seafood consumption, the centre offers cooking demonstrations, sometimes by local chefs, which showcase how to get the most out of the fish you purchase.

Amble is still a working fishing port and the Northumberland Seafood Centre aims to put local, sustainable fish back on the plates of locals and visitors. Fish, just like vegetables, ought to be eaten seasonally and sustainably. The Northumberland Seafood Centre highlights the importance of cutting down on the Big 5 fish (salmon, haddock, prawns, tuna and cod) and enjoy lesser known, but just as enjoyable, fish caught from the sea just on our doorstep.

The lobster hatchery aims to help mortality rates of lobster eggs.
The lobster hatchery aims to help mortality rates of lobster eggs.

Whilst there, visit the lobster hatchery and discover the life of a lobster.

Mad Jam Woman

A selection of Mad Jam Woman's popular jams and chutneys
A selection of Mad Jam Woman’s popular jams and chutneys

The Mad Jam Woman‘s products are renowned throughout Northumberland. Her jams, chutneys, marmalades and hot sauces are all handmade in her kitchen in Amble. Her award-winning jams can be found in local shops and at farmers markets and food festivals including Morpeth and Hexham Farmers Markets and Alnwick Food Festival.

The Mad Jam Woman also does foodie collaborations with other local produce including lemon marmalade with Hepple Gin and Alnwick Rum mustard.

Credence Brewing

Enjoy locally brewed beer from Credence Brewery
Enjoy locally brewed beer from the Credence brewery

Credence Brewing launched in 2015 and is one of Northumberland‘s most popular breweries. Since their first brew, Credence Blonde, a blonde, citrusy ale, includes local Northumbrian Heritage Malt in its base.

Like many other Northumberland breweries, Credence Brewing has taken inspiration from Northumberland‘s history and countryside. The logo itself takes inspiration from ancient rock carvings believed to be 1,000s of years old.

More recently, Credence Brewing has worked alongside other local businesses, Northern Edge Coffee and fellow brewery, Rigg & Furrow, to create exciting new beer Credence Sleepwalker coffee porter.

Love What You Eat

Enjoy exploring the sights, sounds and tastes of Amble. Take a stroll around the 15-pod strong Harbour Village and enjoy a coffee from Mocha Mondo, but also explore other North-East food producers and sellers including The Geordie Banger Company, The Cheese Pod and K’s Little Kakery.

Amble. although small, has an interesting history and is proud to be redeveloping and is a beautiful place to visit in Northumberland as well as a thriving artisan food and drink community.

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