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Published on 1 Feb
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Eyemouth, the largest town in Berwickshire, was once an important fishing community facing the North Sea. After the Eyemouth Fishing Disaster in October 1881, known locally still as Black Friday, the town struggled to retain its place in the fishing industry. Visit the Eyemouth Museum to find out more about this sorrowful tale and more history about the town.

The working harbour in Eyemouth
The working harbour in Eyemouth

Despite this, Eyemouth has continued to be a working fishing port. Enjoy walks along the harbour and discover historical gems such as Gunsgreen House, a house built in 1753 for local merchant and smuggler John Nisbet. Walk along the beach facing the North Sea. At low tide, you can explore rock pools.

Visit smuggler's paradise Gunsgreen House after a fish supper from Giacopazzi's
Visit smuggler’s paradise Gunsgreen House after a fish supper from Giacopazzi’s

Local Producers to Pleasure Your Palate

1. Jarvis Pickle

The pie-making business which is making national headlines started in 2015. It has continually grown and has even won funding to expand the business to incorporate more employees and bigger output of products with up to 1,000 pies being made every day. Last year, Jarvis Pickle entered their pies into the British Pie Awards and won several awards including Gold in the categories Champion Fish Class for their Cullen Skink Pie, made with Eyemouth-caught haddock and Best Meat Pie for their Pork and Blue Cheese Pie.

In Eyemouth, Jarvis Pickle runs a Food Store, open 6 days a week, which stocks other local ingredients including their famous pies. There are options for vegan and vegetarian pies and look out for seasonal specials too.

2. Left Field Kombucha 

Beginning in 2016, Left Field Kombucha has gained national acclaim for their fruity, fermented beverages. Fermented tea can expel flavours, aromas and mouthfeel just as complex as any beer. Kombucha tea is already popular around the world but now, the first fermented tea brewery in Scotland has brought kombucha to our attention in the borders and beyond.

There are currently 4 varieties of kombucha made by Left Field. They include:

  • No 1 Yunnan Black
  • No 2 Sencha Green Tea
  • No 3 Oolong
  • No 4 Darjeeling
The 4 varieties by Left Field: yunnan black, sencha green, oolong and darjeeling
The 4 varieties of kombucha by Left Field

Kombucha sales have increased, due in part to food trends in gut health and teetotalism, but it also helps when it tastes good. Healthy living trends such as improving gut health and avoiding alcohol have launched this cult drink into the limelight. Not only for drinking at home, but it is now regularly found at bars across the UK. Lightly effervescent, fruity and earthy tastes and complements food or enjoy on its own, Left Field Kombucha is a drink you need to try.

3. Lough’s Home Bakery

Lough’s Home Bakery has been family run for over 70 years. A popular place to visit when in Eyemouth, it also boasts being the only baker’s shop within 10 miles, it sells an enormous variety of products.

Over the past year, Lough‘s have included gluten-free products to their repertoire and has seen demand for their sourdough loaves increase.

Enjoy fresh rolls from Lough's bakert
Enjoy fresh rolls from Lough’s bakert

You can also find Lough‘s homemade rolls at the Rialto Cafe, located just up the street from the bakery.

4. Ross Dougal Fish Merchants

Recognised as the top fish merchant in Eyemouth, you can spot Ross Dougal’s fish vans and shops selling fresh seafood across the Scottish Borders, North Northumberland and East Lothian. He is well-acknowledged as supplying quality seafood either at retail or wholesale. There are local shops located in Eyemouth, Peebles and Duns and vans can be found in Berwick-upon-Tweed on market days.

Enjoy freshly caught fish from the North Sea at Ross Dougal Fish Merchants.
Enjoy freshly caught fish from the North Sea at Ross Dougal Fish Merchants.

Ross Dougal sells a wide range of seafood from lobsters, to cod roe and hot smoked salmon. Their speciality is smoked fish. They have a purpose built smokehouse onsite which uses traditional methods over 100 years old.

Sample some of Ross Dougal‘s produce at local Scottish Borders restaurants and cafe such as Seasons in Melrose, Giacopazzi’s in Eyemouth and Ebb Carrs in St Abbs.

5. Giacopazzi’s

A trip to a seaside town is incomplete without having ice cream! Winning multiple awards from the Great Taste Awards and in the National Ice Cream Alliance, Giacopazzi’s is a fantastic ice cream parlour well worth a visit.

Italian family-run fish & chips and ice cream boutique Giacopazzi's
Italian family-run fish & chips and ice cream boutique Giacopazzi’s

The flavours change regularly, but usual classics such as vanilla, strawberry and mint chocolate chip are usually there. Giacopazzi’s also offer vegan-friendly delights; vegan ice cream and sorbets.

Established in 1900, the Eyemouth hot spot is popular with locals and visitors alike. While you’re visiting, the fish and chips are definitely worth trying.

What’s your favourite flavour?

Love What You Eat

Enjoy walks along the harbour
Enjoy walks along the harbour

Discover delicious locally made products in Eyemouth. There’s plenty of different foods and drink to tantalise your taste buds. Well worth a trip to this quaint seaside town. Join the conversation on social media. Follow Foodful on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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