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Published on 12 Dec
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Alice’s Pantry is one of the newest businesses now based in Northumberland. Located on the beautiful Ford and Etal estate, just like Cheviot Brewery, the area offers inspiration with its breathtaking views and its simplicity away from the chaos of life. Alice’s story shows that sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and create what you are looking for. Now, Alice has started a successful business which caters for all, especially those who are following restrictive diets but still want convenient, tasty food.

Alice’s Pantry’s products offer a delicious option for those who suffer from allergies and are looking for unrefined treats. Her products are suitable for dairy, gluten and egg allergy sufferers and already have rave reviews on social media. These products are perfect for those who are health-conscious and an ingredients list without miscellaneous additions.

Keep your eyes peeled for Alice’s Pantry‘s products at local shops and events near you as well as new product announcements on social media!

How did your business begin? Can you tell us your history/origin story?

In brief, I suffered from chronic eczema between the age of 19 – 22, the illness left me bed bound some days, and feeling at an all time low. After trying dozens of eczema friendly diets, steroids, supplements homeopathic medicine, allergy tests and miracle creams, one day I came across an article about the healing benefits of raw vegan diets. I took all of the information on board, and started the new diet the following day, clutching on to any hope I had left. Within a week of the protocol, my skin started to become clearer, the heat subsided, the itch disappeared, and the swelling reduced dramatically, it was a complete miracle! I stayed on that raw vegan diet for around 2 months, it was hard work but I was willing to do anything to have silky smooth skin! I now follow a 50% raw 50% cooked diet, which has helped keep my eczema at bay! As you can imagine, eating on the go can be difficult, especially when you are unprepared! I started Alice’s Pantry out of desperation to find something natural, plant based but indulgent when I was out and about.

Ingredients of Alice's bars
Only natural ingredients are included in these products: Billionaire’s Shortbread

What values are at the heart of your business?

Here at Alice’s Pantry, we are passionate about changing the stigma behind ‘boring’ vegan food, we want to inspire people through cooking with natural plant-based ingredients. On top of that, we want to change the unhealthy, processed, sugar-loaded ‘grab and go’ food readily available to the public as we believe this is the reason behind many illness and diseases in the world today!

What does your product range include?

So far I have two products in the range; Raw Banoffee Pie and Raw Billionaire’s Shortbread. Both are free from gluten, dairy, soya, refined sugar, egg, nuts, additives and preservatives.

Alice's Pantry bars
Alice’s Pantry bars: A good-for-you treat!

Where can people buy your products?

You can buy our products online or you can find our products at various outlets in other counties such as Cumbria, Lancashire and Gloucester. Since we are new here, we are working on new suppliers in the Scottish Borders and Northumberland, that will be announced on our social media feeds. New stockists include The Good Life Shop in Wooler and Northern Edge Coffee.

How can your customers enjoy your product at its best?

Alice’s Pantry products are a great addition to any afternoon tea, mid-morning pick me up or a great energy boost whilst out walking, cycling or running.

How are you involved in the local food/drink producer community?

Being new to the area, I am not actively involved in the local food and drink community. However, my contact base is slowly building – it has been great getting out and about meeting local food and drink producers.

How does your location influence your business and product range?

Alice’s Pantry HQ is located on the beautiful Ford and Etal Estate in open Northumbrian countryside. Our products reflect this, as they are always made from natural plant-based ingredients that are grown on a farm, not in a laboratory.

Banoffee Pie's ingredients
Free from treats: Banoffee Pie’s natural ingredients

Why do you think people should shop locally?

Shopping local is SO important in this day and age. The rise of online shopping, and giants such as Amazon, has crippled the high street and small shops in rural villages. These shops are so important in rural communities whether you are popping to the local post office, tea room, butchers, bakery it is a place to connect and meet new people, which is so important, especially for elderly people that live on their own.

What is your favourite local food or drink?

Northern Edge Coffee in Berwick roast and serve the most divine coffee ever!

How could Foodful help promote your business?

Being new to the area, brand awareness is something that I am spending a lot of time and energy on. Foodful will help me spread that much needed awareness even further, to allow me to drive more stockists in the area.

Hat-Tip to the Producers

Thank you to Alice at Alice’s Pantry for her time answering these questions and welcome to the most beautiful part of the UK; Northumberland and Scottish Borders!

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