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Published on 28 Nov
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With a new workspace based in Spittal, Karmic Cakery has exploded onto the scene with people from miles around, including from over the border. The space comfortably sits about 10 people and is a welcoming atmosphere to sit and enjoy beautiful homemade treats and a cuppa.

An interesting space to enjoy coffee & cake with friends
An interesting space to enjoy coffee & cake with friends

The cakery is part of the meantime workshops in Spittal, which is also home to local nano-brewery Bear Claw Brewery. Karmic cakery used to be an abattoir, then a charcuterie and now, at a completely different end of the food spectrum, is home to delicious vegan treats!

Cherry & Vanilla Loaf
Cherry & Vanilla Loaf

On offer today (Wednesday 28th November) there was:

  • Irish-inspired fruit loaf with a whiskey marmalade glaze
  • Bailey’s Caramel Torte
  • Cherry Bakewell Sponge
  • Cherry & Vanilla Loaf Cake
  • Raspberry and White Chocolate Buns
  • Sausage, Balsamic Vinegar & Caramelised Onion Pastry
  • Creamy Mushroom Puffs
Sausage & caramelised onion pastry
Prefer a savoury treat? No problem, try the sausage & caramelised onion pastry!

The cakery has become a reality as a result of a lot of hard work by Tania and her friends and family. Visit the cakery on Wednesdays between 9 am – 4 pm and support an innovative, independent business!

How did your business begin? Can you tell us your history/origin story?

My business began baking cakes for family and friends. I found I had a passion for experimenting with flavours and a desire to debunk any preconceived ideas people may have had around vegan food being unimaginative or lacking flavour. But it was Zoe and Sion at the Mule On Rouge in Berwick that helped turn my hobby into a business by selling my cakes in their cafe. This then expanded the number of people eating my cakes considerably and helped to grow confidence in both myself and my product.

What values are at the heart of your business?

Here at Karmic Cakery we passionately believe in the ethical treatment and respect for all sentient beings. To this end, it is our mission to produce delicious, original cakes and food that are 100% plant-based. Some people naively assume following a vegan lifestyle means sacrificing their favourite treats. We aim to challenge this misconception with our range of tasty, unique cakes and bakes.

Cherry Bakewell Sponge
Beautiful, vegan-friendly bakes: Cherry Bakewell Sponge

What does your product range include?

Bespoke personalised celebration cakes to order and tasty tea time treats alongside savoury options when the cakery is open.

Bailey's Caramel Chocolate Torte
Famous around the Borders: Bailey’s Caramel & Chocolate Torte

Where can people buy your products?

Our cakes can be ordered directly via our social network platforms or sampled freshly and by the slice from the cakery and the Mule On Rouge in Berwick.

How can your customers enjoy your product at its best?

By visiting the cakery and The Mule or ordering cakes which will be freshly made for you.

How are you involved in the local food/drink producer community?

I operate from a workspace next to Bear Claw Brewery. I supply Northern Edge coffee at the cakery and supply the vegan cakes to The Mule On Rouge.

The Meantime Workshop space in Spittal
The Meantime Workshop space in Spittal

Why do you think people should shop locally?

Shopping locally helps support small businesses and generates a good community well being. An area rich in diverse, independent businesses supplying unique products makes for a vibrant, interesting experience for the consumer.

What is your favourite local food or drink?

Bear Claw Brewery Ladywell beer (my new favourite!)
The Mule On Rouge Vegan artisan BLT bagel
Northern Edge Coffee

How could Foodful help promote your business?

By reaching a wider audience of people who don’t yet know about us.

Hat-tip to the Producers

Many thanks to Tania for her time. I had a wonderful visit to the cakery and enjoyed the Irish-style fruit loaf washed down with a brew.

A cuppa and fruit loaf
Enjoying the delicious, warming Irish fruit loaf with whiskey marmalade on a cold, wet Wednesday morning

Vegan cakes are suitable for those who also suffer from dairy and egg allergies. You can order cakes to be collected from the cakery open day as well as ordering free-from cakes to celebrate occasions. Watch this space for more delectable, free-from treats!

Cakes from Karmic Cakery
Well … I couldn’t come back to work empty-handed!

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