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Published on 15 Jun
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What You’ve Been Waiting For: Rutherfords 2

Under the doom and gloom of the past year, something exciting and inspiring has risen from its ashes: Rutherfords 2! The husband & wife team behind DeliQuescent, small-batch spirits specialists, have now taken their wares on the road to cater for functions such as weddings, parties & local events & galas.

After recently selling Rutherford’s (1) Micropub, Scotland’s first micropub and a multi-award winning establishment, Debbie & Simon Rutherford have just launched their new business and it’s COVID future-proofed too! A neon beam of hope after the long-awaited Freedom Day is pushed back again!

“We sold the micropub in April ’21 to a local businessman who tells us he totally ‘gets’ the micropub ethos and is going to make absolutely no changes at all, which we, and our band of loyal customers, are delighted about. The council have been really supportive and allowed the use of a lot more outside space, so we wish the new owners all the best for the future.” said Simon.

Debbie & Simon outside their new portable bar; Rutherfords 2!

Debbie & Simon outside their new portable bar; Rutherfords 2!

A New Venture

The lockdowns have forced us all to rethink our lifestyles but unfortunately it has sucked out a lot of joy for people. The Rutherford’s were keen to make sure that they could safely and effectively bring back the fun we have all been missing.

“When all pubs were forced closed over a year ago due to COVID, it was a real concern for us. It was clear that social distancing was going to be problematic: said Debbie. “We wanted to think of a way that we could deliver fun in a pub environment, but in a stealthy way” she went on. “People are certainly happier outside, so we set about finding just the right mobile bar, and when we did, she couldn’t be further away”.

The bar belonged to the guys behind Dead Man’s Fingers rum and was all the way down in Cornwall! Before lockdowns hit, the couple made the trip to bring the bar back to the Scottish Borders and began working on her in a secret location until she was ready for her big reveal earlier this month.

“It was great to put all our creative efforts in to re-building the bar.” said Simon “We even taught ourselves signwriting and I wired neons, which is something I’ve never done before, so lockdown was useful”.

More Than a Bar

R2 is more than just a bar. The bar has a large canopy which covers the bar area (which funnily enough measures the 2m distance required between people at the moment) and they can set up chairs and tables too all distanced appropriately too!  All drinks are served in high quality, bio-degradable ‘plastic’ glasses so you can enjoy your beverages guilt-free. R2 also works in partnership with Traditionally Twisted Events if you’re in the beginning stages of planning your event.

Cocktail range from DeliQuescent

As well as the bar, the beautiful lights & decorations the bar has little something extra which the micropub didn’t have – music!

“We even have a 1,000 watt stereo system on board” said Debbie, “which is a total change from the ‘no music’ rule of the micropub”.

The music can be any genre depending on your event or you can even request your own set which can really get the party started wherever your event is!

Ready to Book?

Rutherfords 2 is now taking bookings in to next year for weddings and events, and they really look forward to bringing the party to the people. You can keep up to date with current guidelines for planning your event on their website and social media pages as well as reading more about the whole story of R2. The bar is well stocked with an array of beers, ciders & spirits (which include DeliQuescent favourites) – including the quirky microscope gin tap ready with their inimitable ChiQuiOui gin (pronounced Cheeky Wee gin) and their new Squeeze Me Freeze Me cocktail range.


A 'ChiQuiOui' Gin on draught from the quirky microscope tap.
Flashback of the ‘ChiQuiOui’ Gin ‘on draught’ from the quirky microscope tap in Rutherfords 1.

Where to Find R2?

Rutherfords 2 already has a few events lined up in the coming months including a wedding, a charity event in Scremerston (which is just outside of Berwick upon Tweed) and they are also attending the Great British Food Fayre in Dalkeith on the 11th – 12th September 2021.

Get ready to share the good times and smiles with the Rutherford team.

Ready to book for your next event!

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