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Published on 4 Mar
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It’s that time of the year where we indulge in a big pancake stack filled with our favourite toppings before the 40 day fast of Lent. This year Shrove Tuesday is on 5th March. Pancake Day has origins in Paganism. Pagans made pancakes to symbolise the sun and believed to empower the forces of Spring over Winter (light over dark) and that the light does prevail when Spring arrives. In Christianity, pancakes were made to be carb-heavy, indulgent foods to consume before the Lenten fast. It provided a way to use up any pantry staples such as jams and meats that were usually banned during Lent.

Pile of pancakes
Get flipping!

Shrove Tuesday is a national celebration and brings families and friends together. Expect to see many Instagram-worthy creations over the next few days. We love pancakes because they are simple and quick to make. We can easily make them suitable for any diet too. For instance, use buckwheat flour to make them gluten-free, use oat milk to make them vegan and enjoy them either savoury or sweet-based depending on your tastebuds.

Basic Pancake Recipe

This is the recipe from Delia Smith’s Winter Collection cookbook and serves 14 – 16 people[1].

  • 110 g plain flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 large eggs
  • 200 ml milk mixed with 75 ml of water

Mix your dry ingredients together and slowly add wet mixture, avoiding stirring as much as possible.

Whether you’re a sweet or savoury lover, there are many local foods to can add to your pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Here are our top picks!

Top 5 Sweet Pancake Toppings

Chain Bridge Heather Honey & Blue House Goats Hard Pressed Goats Cheese

A sweet take on a savoury option. Honey compliments the sharp, tangy flavour of the hard-pressed cheese. Crumble some hard-pressed cheese onto your pancake and drizzle with heather honey. Serve with apples, figs and grapes too.

Drizzle honey on top of pancakes for a healthier sweet topping
Drizzle honey on top of pancakes for a healthier sweet topping

The Nut Roaster‘s Peanut Butter and Banana

A healthy, protein-packed serving suggestion. It’s also vegan-friendly and the combo can also be used to create gluten-free and dairy-free pancakes. Fun for the kids to do, spread the pancake with nut butter and wrap it around a whole banana so it’s like a sweet fajita.

Peanut butter
A protein-packed pancake topping!

Mad Jam Woman‘s strawberry jam and Stichill Jerseys Clotted Cream

Bring a bit of afternoon prestige to your pancakes. Serve your pancake like you would your scone with some strawberry jam and clotted cream. Delish! Always serve with tea!

A pancake stack with cream, strawberries and jam is an impressive Spring-inspired centrepiece
A pancake stack with cream, strawberries and jam is an impressive Spring-inspired centrepiece

Belgian Chocolate from Kiki’s Chocolates with raspberry ripple mallows from Katy Cloud Marshmallows 

A continental vibe sweet pancake option. Rich, indulgent and creamy Belgian chocolate softening squishy, sweet marshmallows served on top of a crepe is something we all want on pancake day. We recommend the Caramel Fudge milk chocolate bar melted and drizzled over the top of Katy Cloud Marshmallows. Pancakes are meant to be messy!

Giacopazzi’s ice cream with berries

We would recommend a more sturdy American pancake for this one. Serve your pancake stack with your favourite ice cream flavour from Giacopazzi’s in Eyemouth. Serve with some juicy, sharp berries to cut through the sweetness.

Ice cream with berries anyone? The best of summer and winter in a dish.
Ice cream with berries anyone? The best of summer and winter in a dish.

Top 5 Savoury Toppings

Doddington Dairy Darling Blue with asparagus spears and organic air-dried prosciutto ham from Peelham Farm

Gourmet pancakes for supper? This is a fantastic combo for those wanting something special for their pancakes. Crumble Darling Blue cheese over your crepe and add lightly steamed asparagus and Peelham’s farm organic air-dried prosciutto ham. Create some food envy!

Hexhamshire Organics Rare-breed Tamworth Bacon with scrambled Border Eggs eggs

Savoury pancakes for breakfast? Start the day traditionally with a bacon and egg combo to top your pancakes. You can get some rare-breed bacon from your weekly box scheme from Hexhamshire Organics. Top with some organic scrambled eggs from Border Eggs to really get you going in the morning!

Hexhamshire Organics grocery box
You can buy organic rare-breed bacon by Hexhamshire Organics in your weekly box scheme.

Northumberland Cheese Co‘s Nettle Cheese with wilted spinach

A veggie classic. Wrap up a crepe filled with Nettle Cheese and wilted spinach for a herby, creamy pancake sandwich.

Hadrian’s Game Larder Duck breast shredded with spring onions

A local take on the classic Chinese takeaway favourite. Shredded duck breast from Hadrian’s Game Larder and topped with seasonal favourite spring onions. If you can get duck, pheasant is a lovely alternative.

Craster Kippers with caper mayo and a squeeze of lemon

A British brunch classic, serve classic dropped scones with Craster kippers and serve with mayo mixed with capers and lemon juice. Serve with a wedge of lemon.

Craster kippers curing
A hearty pancake topping alternative! Craster Kippers!

Don’t Forget Accompaniments

Whatever time you’re enjoying your pancakes, morning, noon or night, make sure you enjoy them with other local treats!

An example of coffee and kin's products
Eco-friendly coffee by Coffee & Kin

In the morning, serve pancakes American-style with a big pot of locally roasted coffee. Local coffee roasters around Scottish Borders and Northumberland include Three Hills CoffeePilgrims Coffee, Northern Edge Coffee, Mocha Mondo and Coffee & Kin.

Pair cheesy, creamy pancakes with a citrussy, light ale such as Long White Cloud by Tempest Brewing Co
Pair cheesy, creamy pancakes with a citrussy, light ale such as Long White Cloud by Tempest Brewing Co

Having savoury pancakes for lunch? Why not enjoy them with a refreshing pale ale? Great locally brewed pale ales including Little White Cloud from Tempest Brewing Co, The Fool by Bear Claw Brewery and Flodden Thirst by Cheviot Brewery. If you’d rather avoid alcohol, try No 2 Sencha Green Kombucha by Left Field Kombucha or a virgin cocktail made with Kitty’s Ginger Wine and Soda.

If you’re having pancakes for supper, enjoy your pancakes with a fruity, naturally decaf tea from Bari Tea such as Garden Fruit and Herbs. Alternatively, buy a chocolate bag from Cocoature to create some real, indulgent hot chocolate!

Real hot chocolate
Real hot chocolate with pancakes is a great way to end the Winter feast.

Get Creative in the Kitchen

Whether you’re buying pancakes from your local bakers or making them at home, enjoy these great, locally produced toppings on your pancakes this Shrove Tuesday. Share your creations with us.

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