National Veggie Week 2019

Published on 13 May
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Running between 13th till 19th May, National Vegetarian Week is promoting all things veggie-orientated.

An easier way to get on board with shaking up your diets and making some changes, more so than the month-long Veganuary campaign in January, National Vegetarian Week offers suggestions to create a few healthy switches in your diet. They have included 50 things you can do to make a difference to your diet including a meal planner and meal suggestions.

Peanut butter
Nut Butters, like from The Nut Roaster, are an excellent source of plant-based protein

Meat-Free Meals

It’s easy to prepare meat-free meals, and quick too! You can still eat eggs, cheese, drink milk as well as enjoy fruits, nuts and veggies. So you can still enjoy eggs from Border Eggs and R Ord & Hens as well as delicious local cheese such as goats cheese from Blue House Goats, a wide selection of different cheese from Northumberland Cheese Co and from Doddington Dairy, although please check which cheese is suitable for vegetarians.

goats cheese
Try some delicious locally made goats cheese from Blue House Goats

The western world is becoming more aware of the impacts of our unhealthy diets, in regards to not only our health but also the environment. It has recently become routine in the media, stating that cutting down our meat consumption will sustain the planet for longer whilst also being better for our health.

Despite an increase in people reducing the intake of meat, around a 1/3 of us have made this conscious decision, it is estimated that only 6% of the population would describe themselves as vegetarian.

The rise in interest in vegetarian food has been recognised by supermarkets and restaurants who can cater to this growing trend going beyond a cheese sandwich or leafy salad.

The Types of Vegetarian


A vegetarian who avoids meat and eggs but does consume dairy products

Milk bottles
A refreshing glass of raw milk from Wheelbirks farm.


A vegetarian who avoids meat and dairy but eats eggs

Half a dozen egg box
Crack open an egg from Border Eggs.


A vegetarian who eats both eggs and dairy but no meat or fish. The most common type of vegetarian


Also known as flexitarians, the semi-vegetarian diet follows a mostly plant-based lifestyle with the occasional inclusion of meat and dairy products.


Somehow considered a part of the vegetarian movement, pescetarians eat fish but avoid all other white and red meat. The inclusion of fish is sometimes for health reasons.

Does a pescetarian count as a branch of vegetarianism?


One who avoids all types of animal products including meat, fish, dairy and eggs. Some even avoid wearing wool or eating honey.

Salad selection
A plant-based diet can be exciting and full of colour

Where to Try Veggie Meals

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just enjoy vegetarian food, there is an abundance of local producers and businesses who cater to vegetarians around Northumberland and Scottish Borders.

Here are 5 places to try:

Northumberland Cheese Company

Visit The Cheese Loft cafe, located just above the dairy, for a clever, cheese-filled twist on the quintessential afternoon tea. Other options include cheese toasties, cheese scones and their famous cheese soup!

sheep cheese
Enjoy some delicious Redesdale sheep cheese at The Cheese Loft cafe

Open 7-days a week but you may need to book ahead to make sure you get a seat.

Karmic Cakery

Open every Wednesday, and recently announced every Saturday too, near the promenade at Spittal, Karmic Cakery offers delicious vegan alternatives of your favourite dishes including vegan mac & cheese, pulled jackfruit burgers and savoury pastries. These are served along with the very popular cakes which change weekly but can range from brownies, cupcakes to peanut butter traybake and classic cherry Bakewell cake.

Sausage & caramelised onion pastry
Take inspiration from those who exclude meat from their diets. Meat-free sausage and caramelised red onion pastry by Karmic Cakery.

You can also find Karmic Cakery‘s products at The Mule on Rouge and The Loovre Northern Edge Coffee Bar, both located in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Jarvis Pickle

Jarvis Pickle, based in Eyemouth, make award-winning pies which include veggie favourites Spinach, Goats Cheese and Sweet Potato Pie, which won Champion Vegetarian Class 2019 at this years British Pie Awards. There are also other varieties including Vegetarian Haggis Pie and Cauliflower Curry Pie which is also available as a vegan pie.

Bowl of spinach leaves
Enjoy the award-winning Spinach, Goats Cheese and Sweet Potato Pie by Jarvis Pickle

The Running Fox

The Running Fox now has 3 establishments in Northumberland, located in Felton, Longframlington and Shilbottle.

afternoon tea at
Ask for a vegetarian afternoon tea at The Running Fox

The extensive menu includes many fantastic veggie options including the Northumbrian classic Pan Haggerty pie and quiche. There are various sandwich fillings, soup and also veggie breakfast options too!

Going Veggie?

If you prefer to make your own meals, why not order a vegetable box from North-East Organic Growers, Hexhamshire Organics or G & S Organics and get creative in the kitchen. Share with us your favourite vegetarian classics. Are you supporting National Vegetarian Week this week?

A basket of fruit and veg
Add some more vegetables to your weekly meals during National Vegetarian Week

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