5 Producers to Try Around Alnwick

Published on 23 Apr
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Alnwick is perhaps the most famous Northumberland town. With many tourist sites including the fantastic Alnwick Gardens, Barter Books and Bailiffgate Museum as well as a fantastic range of local shops and producers in the town, it is no surprise that Alnwick is so popular.

The town has managed to keep its medieval charm in its architecture, its streets and has kept modern developments such as housing and industrial estates on the outer parts of the town.

Known as the Heart of Northumberland, Alnwick itself is dominated by the tumultuous history of life in the borders. Alnwick Castle, built in the 11th century[1], overlooks the town. The castle is a fantastic example of a medieval castle which is still the seat of the Percy family, who have lived at Alnwick castle since the early 12th century[1]. Despite its long history, Alnwick Castle is more widely celebrated as a location for the filming of the Harry Potter films which has vastly increased the number of visitors it receives.

The town is named after the river Aln and ‘wick’ from an Old English word meaning trading place[2]. Alnwick still holds true to this and is a fantastic market town to visit. The town boasts a weekly Saturday market as well as a monthly Farmers and Craft market on the last Friday of every month. Alnwick also hosts seasonal markets including ones at Easter and Christmas and an annual food festival which showcases the best of local food and drink.

Alnwick markets
A sunny day in September at Alnwick Food Festival

Producers from Alnwick

Discover these great local producers in Alnwick¬†whether you’re visiting the market, shops or cafes.

Coffee & Kin

The eco-friendly, sustainably-focused coffee and tea company is inspired by the famous coffee culture of Italy and Australia, where good coffee is a way of life.

Consistently adhering to their beliefs, BREW GOOD. DO GOOD. FEEL GOOD., Coffee & Kin aim to balance quality coffee with sustainability for coffee-growing communities and whilst being environmentally aware too. Perfect for home or at work, Coffee & Kin supply biodegradable coffee pods compatible with Nespresso machines. Keep your eyes peeled for the new plastic-free coffee capsules that are to be launched very soon.

Coffee capsule boxes
Check out Coffee & Kin’s new packaging! Plastic-free & Biodegradable

Discover a range of coffee pods, coffee beans, tea pyramids, coffee subscription boxes and coffee accessories recommended by family-run Coffee & Kin.

Bread & Roses

Bread & Roses is run by Andrew Smith, a man with around 30 years experience in the food industry. Bread & Roses supply many cafes and restaurants around Northumberland including The Running Fox in both Felton and Longframlington and The Ship Inn at Low-Newton-by-the-Sea. Their bread is also available at local shops such as The Green Shop in Berwick upon Tweed and The Good Life Shop in Wooler.

Artisan loaves
Seeded Levain loaf from Bread & Roses

Bread & Roses also attend monthly farmers markets at both Hexham and Morpeth as well as attending food festivals across the county including Alnwick and Berwick Food Festivals.

Interested in creating your own artisan loaves? Bread & Roses offer themed baking courses ranging from the fashionable sourdough loaves, bread making for beginners and Italian breads and more.

Discover delicious, locally-made bread from Bread & Roses. The range includes Rye with Caraway, Gilchesters Miche, Seeded Sourdough and White Levain.

R Turnbull & Sons

The award-winning family butchers have been going strong in the centre of Alnwick since 1880. The meat is sourced locally where possible. For example, beef and lamb comes from Acklington and all other meat is British-sourced. The butcher’s shop has branched out into supplying deli-style foods including pies and pastries as well as ready meals such as stir fry.

Meat with rosemary
Enjoy meat from an award-winning butcher’s shop in Alnwick

You can call ahead or place an order online to collect from the butcher’s shop.

Alnwick Gin

Alnwick Gin is made by The Northumberland Spirit Company. The key flavours of juniper complemented with lavender, rosehip and fennel are all locally foraged. These local flavours are balanced with more exotic, secret botanicals.

Gin products from The Northumberland Spirit Co
Alnwick Gin’s products. Left to Right: Raspberry & Vanilla, Lime & Ginger, Rhubarb & Strawberry gin liqueurs and Alnwick Gin

The stoneware bottle and pewter label allow the bottle to stand out on the shelf and harks back to Alnwick‘s medieval history. Last year, Alnwick Gin enjoyed success at the first London Spirit Competition and won a silver medal.

The gin goes perfectly with a citrus-focused tonic and mixes well into classic cocktails such as a Tom Collins or Gin Fizz.

Also on offer are a selection of gin liqueurs and seasonal sloe gin.

The Fruit Kitchen

The Fruit Kitchen is a maker of award-winning cordials, alcoholic liqueurs and fruit vinegar. The focus is on keeping things as local as possible. They forage locally, bottle, label and create in small batches locally too.

The Fruit Kitchen sell at many markets across the North-East as well as supplying local chain The Running Fox in its 3 locations at Felton, Longframlington and Shilbottle.

The range includes raspberry vinegar, elderflower cordial and blackberry liqueur infused with brandy as well as many others!

The Fruit Kitchen’s Rhubarb liqueur is a seasonal favourite during the Spring

Love What You Eat

Discover the delights of Alnwick whether you’re a local or a visitor. There are so many fantastic venues to visit including Bari Tea, Barter Books, Bailiffgate Museum and of course Alnwick Castle! Support the fantastic local markets that are weekly, monthly and annually and are filled with fantastic local businesses. You can discover more producers from around Alnwick on the Foodful directory.

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