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Published on 8 Apr
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Hexham is a popular market town in west Northumberland. It’s close proximity to Hadrian’s Wall makes it a hotspot for tourists. Not only is Hadrian’s Wall a pull for visitors, heritage sites such as Hexham Abbey dating back to the 6th Century AD and the Old Gaol Museum, a museum which reflects on the history of the oldest purpose-built prison in the UK[1], are both impressive and beautiful buildings to explore.

Preceding, and during, the Industrial Revolution, Hexham was well-known for its leather trade[1]. Gloves, in particular, were a popular product and became known as the Hexham Tans[2], which ironically inspired the name of a vegetarian cafe in the town, Hextol Tans.

A great place to meet your local producers it at your local farmer’s market. Hexham Farmer’s Market is popular and award-winning and occurs every fortnight. Around 25 producers attend the market regularly, ranging from meat, flowers and soaps to beer, organic fruit and veg and honey.

Producers from Hexham

Alice’s Artisan Bakery

Alice is a young artisanal, entrepreneurial baker based in Hexham, who supplies bread to local delis and cafes in the town and surrounding area. Alice also offers artisan baking classes in a range of styles including sourdough course and a beginner’s baking course.

Alice’s journey began with training at the esteemed River Cottage Chef School before honing a craft in baking at nearby Allendale Bakery. Alice is also a member of the Real Bread Campaign which highlights the importance of real food made with love. Many of the loaves are made with local organic flour from Gilchester’s Organics, a local farm which specialises in growing heritage grains.

Handmade loaf selection
Delicious loaves baked by Alice

Hexhamshire Organics

Hexhamshire Organics is an organic farm providing local folks with a high-quality box scheme which can be filled with delicious groceries ranging from homegrown fruit and veg, rare-breed Tamworth pork and organic apple juice. The farm has been certified organic since 2013 by the Soil Association which is something Bob and Ann of Hexhamshire Organics are very proud of.

Hexhamshire Organics grocery box
What your weekly grocery box could look like!

Hexhamshire Organics can be found at Jesmond’s Food Market and deliver their weekly box scheme across South-East Northumberland, delivering as far north as Morpeth, as well as the Newcastle area. With prices starting at £9, eating good, local and organic food needn’t be expensive.

Hadrian’s Game Larder

A passionate local producer who specialises in all things game. From showcasing quick-cook meal ideas at local markets, offering delicious game-filled favourites from pies to charcuterie, Hadrian’s Game Larder displays the best of game in all its guises.

Game meat is tipped to become popular as a resurgence for local, home-grown food is supported by the nation. Wild game is believed to be the most sustainable way to consume meat. So why not check out some of Hadrian’s Game Larder‘s products. The pheasant breasts, in particular, are a delicious alternative to chicken.

Venison & Wholegrain Mustard Pie by Hadrian's Game Larder
Venison & Wholegrain Mustard Pie by Hadrian’s Game Larder

Hadrian’s Game Larder is a familiar favourite at many local markets and food festivals, including Hexham Farmers Market and Alnwick Food Festival.

Hexhamshire Brewery

The oldest brewery in Northumberland has been creating ale for over a quarter of a century. The brewery is family run and uses local ingredients where possible including malt from Simpsons Malt.

As well as a core range of ales, Hexhamshire Brewery creates seasonal ales and special commissions. Many local pubs across Northumberland serve ales from Hexhamshire Brewery, but you can always visit the pub, Dipton Mill Inn, next door to the brewery, to guarantee a pint of traditional ale.

Northumbrian Pedigree

About 5 miles out of Hexham lies Marley Cote Walls Farm, a farm which has been in the Baynes family since 1932. The farm is home to a herd of pedigree Dairy Shorthorns and Ayrshires. Both breeds of cow are well-known for their butterfat content of the milk which is why is a more luxurious drink.

In 2005, the family-run business decided to embark on processing their own milk and cream and give themselves complete control over their product. Although the milk is pasteurised, it is not homogenised so it keeps its authentic taste.

A glass of milk being poured
Fresh milk straight from the farm. Enjoy the real taste from Northumbrian Pedigree

You can see the Northumbrian Pedigree vans up and down the county delivering to various shops and cafes including Brocksbushes Farm Shop and ice cream parlours such as Spurelli’s in Amble.

You can purchase milk in 2 litres, 1 litre or 500 ml bottles in either whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed and double, whipping or single cream pots in either 2 litres, 1 litre, 500 ml and 10 oz cartons.

Love What You Eat

Discover these producers and many more when you visit Hexham. Enjoy its vivid history and beautiful location after attending the fortnightly Farmer’s market where many producers from across Northumberland attend. Next market is Saturday 13th April 2019.

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