Alice’s Artisan Bakery

Hexham, Northumberland


Alice’s Artisan Bakery is a new business that produces handmade, organic, artisan bread. Alice is a young entrepreneur who has been trained at the River Cottage Chef School in Devon and worked at the River Cottage Canteen in Winchester. She later worked for Allendale Bakery and learned how to bake ‘Real’, artisan bread in a wood fired oven.

Alice has now moved to a bakery premises in Hexham that she shares with the Hextol Foundation where she continues to supply local and independent delis and tearooms with bread, teacakes and scones that customers can buy wholesale or enjoy with soups, breakfasts and lunches.

Alice’s bread is all organic, slow proved and handcrafted to allow the flavour to develop. She is passionate about quality and uses local Gilchester’s flour and fresh yeasts or sourdough cultures. Being part of the Real Bread Campaign, you can be assured that Alice’s bread has no flavour enhancers or preservatives and it also freezes perfectly!