Alice’s Pantry

Cornhill-On-Tweed, Northumberland


Alice’s Pantry was created by our founder Alice, out of desperation to find something natural but indulgent when she was ‘on the go’. Read Alice’s full story below….

My journey began in 2013, whilst I was at university. I had been struggling with severe eczema for about a year, it was worrying the way it just appeared one day, and hard to accept, especially as the rashes were on the most visibly parts of my body. I would take frequent visits to the doctor and leave with strong cocktails of medication, feeling confident that it was going to get me better. Unfortunately they had limited success in managing the condition, infact it kept coming back worse than ever.

At this point, I was young, I didn’t want to be on medication for the rest of my life, so I started researching ways to manage eczema through diet and lifestyle, it became apparent that there was no quick and easy cure to eczema. After years of trial and error exploring new diets, homeopathic medication, allergy tests, supplements and ‘miracle creams’ I found an article shouting about the benefits of a plant based diet. I completely changed my diet almost over night, cutting out meat, fish, dairy, eggs, wheat and anything that had been processed. Slowly after about a month of eating this way, the results started to show. The itch started to disappear, the heat in my skin started to cool, the intense swelling of my face started to subside – it was such a relief.

I quickly realised that following this lifestyle was going to be hard, especially if I was on the go. I set up Alice’s Pantry to allow people that have a restrictive diet, or follow a healthy lifestyle to have a little indulgence in their lives. I started selling my plant based sweet creations at local farmers market, and realised that people loved what I was creating, fast forward a year and I now have my own processing and packing kitchen in Northumberland, and supply many outlets throughout the UK.