Cheviot Brewery

Cornhill-On-Tweed, Northumberland


Like all good ideas, the idea to set up a brewery happened over a throw away remark over a beer, or maybe a few beers, in a Barcelona brewery tap in 2015. Whilst such ideas usually stay in the pub, Pete, Jonathan and Neil turned that remark into a serious conversation and a lot of research. Now, three years and two months later with ale in our fermenters and cask orders in place, this dream has become a reality, thanks not only to a real desire to make great beer that we want to drink but with help and support from all over, not least from the Ford & Etal estate whom have renovated a derelict property on the estate to become Cheviot Brewery.

The brewery is based in a newly refurbished (was derelict) former North Northumberland Hunt Kennels on the Ford & Etal Estate.

Our beers are inspired by the landscape and history of the area. We are situated in a stunning location with views from the end of the road across to the Cheviot Hills. The view provides inspiration to us every day.

Cheviot Brewery is keen to support events in Northumberland and Scottish Borders with a number attendances planned for various events including the Berwick Food & Beer Festival, Etal Show, Wooler Show and Wooler Farmers Markets.

We have had a great response to our beers thus far from our debut event at Barmoor Castle to our ale being available on cask in a number or excellent pubs in North Northumbria and now beyond. We have had a great response from pubs and drinkers alike.

Our current beers are:

Some accounts of the Battle of Flodden Field in North Northumberland, suggest that this violent clash resulting in the death of the Scottish King James IV happened when it did because the English Army were running out of beer!

Sadly, we are 505 years too late to quench the thirst of the Earl of Surrey’s men, but had this zesty refreshing pale been available at camp in Barmoor, we would have an altogether different history.

A zesty refreshing pale with citrus and tropical fruit notes.

Malts: Maris Otter & Golden Promise
Hops: Styrian Wolf, Chinook & Cascade

The Cheviots are considered part of the southern uplands of Scotland in that these hills are shared by England and our northerly neighbours. These hills are great for walking and what better way to end a hike than with a refreshing pint of our best bitter, Upland Ale.

Smooth refreshing copper best bitter, combines the toffee notes of the Crystal Dark Malt with the rich malt tones of Maris Otter balanced well with a floral citrus flavouring of cascade hops.

Malts: Maris Otter, Golden Promise & Crystal Dark
Hops: Fusion & Cascade

MENHIR – STOUT (5.1% abv)
Standing Stones or Menhir punctuate the Northumbrian landscape, each one unique and mystical, asking its own question.

Roast Malt, Dark Chocolate, Burnt Caramel and a good hit of coffee in this satisfyingly bitter Stout.

Malts: Maris Otter, Brown Malt, Chocolate & Crystal Dark
Hops: Fusion & Chinook

The spectacular views characterize the ascent of The Schil with some of the best scenery in the Cheviot Hills seems a fitting tie with this well-balanced yet special bitter.

Traditional copper bitter with floral aroma and a good helping of roast malt flavours. Smooth and flavoursome, a satisfying pint.

Malts: Maris Otter, Golden Promise & Crystal Dark
Hops: Fusion & Cascade