Blue House Goats

Lowick, Northumberland


Our goats cheese doesn’t taste like a billy goats ear! Goats cheese should have a mild lemon taste.

If you had a strong smelly cheese on holiday in Crete, and are looking for that strong throat grabbing experience, we are not for you.

Goats have scent glands at the back of the horns, to leave scent markings on branches. The horns on our goats are removed at between 3 and 7 days old, along with the scent glands. Without the scent gland the goat hormone, that produces the vile smell, is not activated (this is why we remove the horns).

We keep Anglo Nubian goats. Anglo Nubian goats were originally plains goats, not the mountain goat renowned for its strong smell. The other cause for the strong goat smell comes from the males. They are kept separate from the milking herd except for one day every 2 years.

We are an enclosed herd, and breed from our stock of clean milk producing goats. we do not buy in milk for the cheese production. If we have no milk we do not make cheese. This varies the amount of cheese we produce, during the winter months.

When did it all start; A doctor in Orkney asked us to produce yogurt and cheese for his patients with allergies, Hence the cheese Orcadians would buy.

  1. Our garlic cheeses are similar to Orkney paupers cheese
  2. Our soft cheese a bit like a Philadelphia
  3. Our settled a bit like a coulommier cheese (brie)
  4. Our Hard pressed is similar to a sharp tangy Cheshire
  5. Our Honey smoked is coated in honey for 48 hours before smoking in apple wood
  6. Our crofters is our take on crowdie

We supply village shops in the North Northumberland and the Borders. We do not sell from the farm gate. Ensuring village shops remain viable is important to us. We generally supply one stockist per town or village. In the summer when milk is plentiful we attend Farmers markets and shows