Bari Tea

Alnwick, Northumberland


Bari Tea is an online and wholesale tea broker reaching across the UK, with its flagship store – the Bari Tea Brewery – based in the heart of Alnwick’s Castle Quarter in Northumberland.

Bari (pronounced “baa-ree”) means ‘lovely’ in Northumbrian dialect, which perfectly describes Bari’s teas and Tea Brewery.

The Bari Tea Brewery is a contemporary tea shop with a traditional Northumberland heart.

Our teas are curated by Bari’s Maître t’ Caroline Stewart. Teas are sourced from carefully selected tea growers and blenders around the world. Our diverse, quality loose-leaf teas include blends, single-estate black teas, green, oolong, white, flowering and herbal teas.

All our teas are ethically sourced, with a minimum of Ethical Tea Partnership status required to be accepted into our tea collection – this ensures that both the workers and environment involved in the production of our gorgeous teas are protected now and into the future.

Loose leaf tea provides the finest quality teas, but we know that this can sometimes be a faff. So we also supply North American tea filters which provide a quick and easy way to make your own tea bags – providing the convenience of teabags, but maintain the freshness and quality of loose-leaf tea. In the Bari Tea Brewery we also offer specialist teapots with integrated filters to help you make the perfect cup of tea.