Northside Coffee


Independent coffee roasters based in Morpeth.
Every coffee we have is specialty grade coffee and carefully selected. Lots goes into defining what specialty coffee is but in short it refers to coffees that have been grown in special and ideal climates, by farmers who pay close attention to detail during the whole growing/farming process.
​We have created a range of unique Northside espresso blends which are available all year round and also offer a number of high grade single origin coffees from some of the best farms around the world!
​All carefully hand roasted in Northumberland, using a well learned use of sight and smell to monitor roast developments.
​All our espresso blends are Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee & we have now moved to become a ‘climate positive business’ through support for various sustainability and climate change projects.
​Our contribution goes towards the protection of wildlife and to the development of sustainable practices for our coffee farmers and their communities.

Every cup of coffee by Northside plants more trees!