Pilgrims Coffee

Holy Island, Northumberland


Pilgrims Coffee House and Roastery

Pilgrims founders, and husband and wife team, Victoria and Andrew met in the catering industry when Victoria started her first job as a waitress. Pilgrims Coffee House was established in 2006 – with very little experience or sleep, but with an abundance of passion and drive! Inspired by a desire to provide honest homemade food using the best local ingredient, Andrew began roasting coffee in 2014 in a yurt at the top of the garden. Initially, this was to provide the cafe with delicious, high quality and sustainably sourced coffee. Since then the roastery has flourished and we now operate a very successful online store and supply wholesale coffee to many businesses in the North East.

In 2019, we finished construction of a new roastery building made from two repurposed shipping containers. Due to the restricted space in our centuries-old cafe building, we decided to open post-lockdown from the new roastery building. During lockdown we were able to reconfigure the building into two halves, one remaining the roastery and the other containing everything needed to run a takeaway cafe service!

We work with importers we trust. We’ve built solid relationships with them because our values are aligned, we buy from people that put people first and coffee a very close second. Because we trust them we can focus on choosing the best coffee. We have some coffees that we buy every harvest because they are consistently great and can be relied upon for our blends, we have other coffees that we buy in smaller quantities for our single-origin and decaf options, the single-origin represents a standout coffee, usually quite a small lot, it can be as specific as a parcel of beans picked on a certain day at a certain time. This gives you a very consistent result throughout that lot and something that is more unique.