Katy Cloud Marshmallows


Inge is a producer of handmade artisan marshmallow, based in the Scottish Borders. These small batch, hand cut marshmallows are made with unique flavours, fulfilling every palate from childhood favourites (raspberry ripple, Turkish Rose (1 star Great Taste Award), to sophisticated, grown-up Gin & Tonic – which was awarded a 2-star award by the Guild of Fine Foods/Great Taste Awards.

The aim of Katy Cloud Marshmallows is to make a quality, delicious product, using only natural ingredients, that makes people happy and changes the way they view the humble marshmallow.

There is no comparison between mass-produced marshmallows to handmade artisan marshmallows – handmade marshmallows are the lightest of light, with unmatched volume and subtlety of flavour.