Altitude (Whole Beans)

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Altitude (whole beans) 200g

A wonderful blend of Brazilian & Columbian Coffee by Northside Coffee Roasters.

This is a blend of Brazilian coffee from MIO’s farm in Monte Santo De Minas and Colombian coffee from Viani, Cundinamarca.  A slower roast profile and higher Brazilian element creates a slightly stronger taste and more milk chocolate and nut notes through milk.

The Colombian Cundinamarca  is produced by R.A Cafe who are one of Colombia’s leading exporters of specialty coffee and have won the SCAA Roasters Guild Coffee of the Year Award in the past. Viani is the name of area where the coffee is grown in the Cundinamarca region in central Colombia and the word Cundinamarca means ‘region of the Andean Condor’, the largest bird of prey in the world apparently! Coffees from this region generally have flavours of molasses, mandarin and caramel.

The second element to the blend is the Brazilian coffee from MIO. Everything about MIO is outstanding including the quality of the coffee. They operate their farm in the most sustainable and transparent way possible, planting trees, creating and using organic fertilizer, and keeping bees and other animals so that their farm is a functioning ecosystem. This coffee brings the strength and flavour through milk to the blend.

Grind Type:

200g whole beans

How To Brew Rules
  • Use fresh water for boiling
  • For 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee add 170ml of water
  • Let the water come off the boil before pouring over the beans to ensure you don’t burn them
  • Pour into your favourite mug and enjoy!

Northside Coffee Roasters

Based in Morpeth, Northside Coffee Roasters are an independent coffee roaster. They pride themselves on their eco & sustainable principles. With each sale, a tree is planted too! The finest & speciality grade coffees are sourced & hand roasted from farms across the equator.

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